What is the typical process for a new project?关闭

Our typical process is:

RFQ-quotation-PO-tooling payment-tooling design approval-ISIR-sample approval-pilot run-mass production

How many samples do you usually provide your customer?关闭
Normally 3 PCS per part, can be varied per customer’s requirements.
What is the minimum order quantity you accept?关闭
It depends.

Our normal MOQ listed as below:

Die casting: 500 PCS

Machining: 100 PCS

Stamping: 1000 PCS

Injection molding: 1000 PCS

What kind of drawing formats do you accept?关闭
We can accept drawing formats in pdf,dwg, dxf, igs and stp.
Can we get any assistance from you on the customs clearance?关闭
Yes, of course. We can help to recommend brokers to you and provide you all the shipping documents before goods arrival.
What’s your suggestion on choosing air freight and courier?关闭
Usually if the goods is under 80~100KGs, we suggest to ship it by courier as the courier takes the responsibility of the customs clearance; If the goods is over 80~100KGs, you can choose to ship it by air.                    
5. What is the normal shipping time to Europe or North America?关闭

By sea freight: 30~35 days

By air feight: 7~10 days

By courier: 3~6 days

What is the lead time for an order?关闭

Regular 45-90 days from design to the first article samples, can be flexible per your requirements.

For repeat production: 30-40 days

What kind of information should be listed in the RFQ?关闭

Usually a complete RFQ should include 2d drawings, 3d drawings, material description, surface finish specification and quantity. If there’s some information undetermined we can do recommendations on the material and surface finish chosen, create 3d models per your preliminary drawings and do design improvements for you.

Samples always help a lot to get precise quotations.


What is the lead time for a normal quotation?关闭
Average 2-3 days. For urgent cases we can offer you prices in 24 hours.
How can you communicate?关闭
We can communicate by emails (reply in 24 hours), instant message (Skype, google talk) and phone.

Other questions? please leave your question,we will services you soon